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Mandrake enamel pin - Wholesale

Mandrake enamel pin - Wholesale

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THIS IS A WHOLESALE ITEM - We have a minimum of 30 pins for wholesale orders, and we ask that you contact us prior to the order. No individual orders are allowed. If you purchase 1 or a few wholesale pins by mistake, you will either be refunded or we'll ask you to pay the difference. Thank you!

A quite dangerous but potentially useful addition to any curio cabinet, the mandrake plant is sure to captivate anyone who lays eyes on it.

From The Curio collection

Soft enamel pin, 2.25 inches tall. 

“The top of the plant has broad leaves and yellow flowers. When this same plant is dug up there is great danger for when the plant is pulled out it sighs, howels and screams in such a frightful manner that the person who has dug it up soon dies."

Brüder Grimm
from Der Alraun